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More than 20 years expertise in architectural woodwork at your service !

Interior Design

Who can benefit from this service ?


Everyone whose feeling a need to be supported for creating his interior design. Our hability to listen and understand customer expectations will enable us with certainty to establish a project adapted to your environment, way of life and budget.


What does it consist of?


A lot of dialog and observations to focus on your desires, your tastes, your needs, your budget, your way of life and to propose you the adapted design wich will best fit your interior. 

We based this service mainly on experience: on conception, manufacturing & installation on contact to many customers with differents realities. We'll be able to propose a tailor made project life but realistic according to your budget.

Gained from experience, our work ethics will enable us to avoid usual traps consisting of playfull or complex designs which are oftenly hard to manufacture & leading to higher costs. This is often due to designers who are not combining aesthetic & manufacturability as they don't experienced themselves what exactly manufacturability mean, and oftenly doesn't consider the manufacturer point of view in their design.

For a same aesthetic result, our experience enable us to provide you both: The "whaou" effect but without usual costs associated to it.



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