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More than 20 years expertise in architectural woodwork at your service !

Our Services

On top of woodwork manufacturing, we can offer:


- Design

- Specific supplies (integrated LED, home appliance, wine cave, sofas, etc.)

- Preliminary installation on our premises in real conditions

- Installation

- Touch-up on site if needed

- International shipping


Why working with us?


We can install your furnitures in our premise in real conditions thanks to a preliminary volumetric laser measurement of your final environment. Showing the final result before definitive installation will ensure you'll get an optimal result at all levels:

- No need to wonder: Look ! Color, Shape, Ergonomics, Functionning...

- Integration of all options like home appliance, lights, plugs, switchs...will be made prior to definitive installation, and as such modified before delivery if necessary.

We can offer you the warranty that the product issued out of our premise will have a masterized result with final installation time known. All stakeholders can have the right status and be aligned on the delivered product and as such avoid unexpected surprises or disappointments oftenly observed during final installation on customer site.

Benefits for you



- Complete mastering of architectural woodwork project by visual control.
- Real situation to be presented to your customer if needed

- Customer requirements management facilitated.
- Aesthetic result validated before final installation

- Anticipated problem management leading to correction before delivery.
- No bad surprises after delivery to customer.



Individual Customer

Remove any doubts on final product aesthetic while minimising unplanned costs & impacts within your home (usual long leadtime for onsite works...)


Guarantee of a result that meets your expectations:
- Mastering of lead-time for onsite operations.
- Possibility to validate in detail the product before installation (colors, ergonomics...)

- Your home appliance can be delivered to our facility for integration in your product

- Hardware in showroom



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